The Faculty Of  Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine should be a healthy educational environment for professional excellence


 The Graduation of a competent and safe general practitioner who is able to deal with health problems in the local community and has acquired the appropriate principles that qualify him to specialize and conducting scientific research in the field of medicine in the future

Objectives Of The Faculty Of Medicine Mutah University

1- Graduating highly qualified general practitioners, capable of dealing with health problems of individuals and the local community, qualified for specialization, and conducting scientific research in various branches of medicine

 2-Contribute to the enrichment of scientific medical information, through continuing medical education with its various activities, medical research and postgraduate studies

3- Contribute to raising the level of medical services provided, through existing hospitals and health centers in the region, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Directorate of Royal Medical Services and the private sector in Jordan

 4-Participation in the health development process, by upgrading the level of primary health care, preventive medicine, and principles of environmental health in Jordan, especially in southern Jordan

Core values
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Leadership and Excellence
  • Continuous improvement