The College Of Medicine


     The College of Medicine, Mutah University in Al-Karak province will be the healthy learning environment for professional excellence.


     The mission of the College of Medicine, Mutah University is to develop a competent medical graduate who is an honest physician capable of dealing with local community health problems and capable of performing scientific research.

Objectives Of The College Of Medicine Mutah University:

 1. Provision of competent medical graduates capable of dealing effectively with health problems of the individual patient and of the community as a whole.

2. Contribution to the development of scientific medical knowledge through medical conferences, meetings, continuous medical education, medical research, and later higher postgraduate studies.
3. Provision of high standard of medical services to patients and the community in Jordan in general, and in Al-Karak and other provinces in Southern Jordan in particular.
4. Participating in health development and improvement in the community through primary health care, preventive health services and environmental health standards in Jordan, especially in Southern Jordan​