Dean's speech
The faculty of Medicine in Mutah shines as a beacon of science and knowledge in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and soars high as an essential and primary component of Mutah University, “the University of the Sword and the Pen,” with its military and civilian wings.
Amidst life's diverse journeys and diverse paths, there is nothing that captivates us more than standing in one of the oases of science and knowledge to talk about one of its pure springs that emerged about two decades ago, when the idea of establishing the faculty of medicine developed into reality in Mutah; the land of history in Karak Governorate, which was established in 2001 to become an edifice of science.
Mutah Faculty of Medicine is renowned for its unwavering dedication to student-centered medical education. Dedication and commitment are the guiding principles of the faculty and staff, as they firmly believe that the student is the core of the educational process. They spare no effort in raising outstanding and distinguished students, and we envision them as bright stars in the sky of the nation, adhering to the values and principles instilled in them and embodying the essence of the faculty that supports their professional growth and enhancing their deep connection to medicine, science, and knowledge.
Our faculty is committed to the relentless pursuit of achieving a prominent position and a respectable reputation and obtaining international recognition from international accrediting bodies, such as the International Federation for Medical Education, to excel as a distinguished institution in scientific research and medical education. This is enhanced by achieving international quality standards to provide a rich student environment and enhance creativity, excellence, and innovation in all disciplines. With the relentless pursuit of excellence, quality, and prestige, it remains a guiding light for society, a catalyst for change, a symbol of progress, and a beacon of science.
Since its establishment, the faculty of medicine has maintained its prestigious position, hosting many conferences, the last of which was in 2023, marked for the first time by cooperation and partnership with the Jordanian Medical Association, Karak branch. With the pivotal role of Mutah
Medicine in strengthening the local health care system, the faculty effectively serves the local community, as faculty members participate in providing medical care at Karak Governmental Hospital, providing specialized services and advanced medical care. This is complemented by free medical days, awareness campaigns, and lectures organized by the college to serve the community.
Despite the geographical and material challenges, the expansion and progress in education have exceeded all expectations. The Faculty of Medicine at Mutah University has made remarkable achievements in higher education, as recent years have witnessed remarkable growth and development, as evidenced by the provision of postgraduate programs in public health administration and a higher specialization certificate program in medicine.
Finally, our faculty has contributed to graduating qualified doctors who have made a significant mark in medicine and scientific research. In addition, this faculty has contributed to graduating groups of leaders in various aspects of national, political, economic, social, literary, and religious life. Here, we emphasize that we support all activities, research, and extracurricular activities that enrich our graduates and provide them with research, practical, and leadership experiences to produce doctors and leaders without compromising the core role of the Faculty of Medicine in medical education.
May GOD grant our dear students good luck and lasting success and illuminate their path so they may be valuable and productive and build the country they love...
May GOD preserve Jordan as a dear and invincible homeland under the shadow of His Hashemite Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein the Great. May God protect and protect him.
Peace, mercy, and blessings of God.

Dean Faculty of Medicine 
Dr. Fadi Sari Sawaqed​
Mutah  University , Al-Karak,
Jordan  2023-2024