Objectives Of The Department Of Community Medicine And Public Health

  1. To train future doctors on principles of community medicine, preventive medicine and public health

  2. To graduate doctors able to applying principles of Evidence Based Medicine in their practice.

  3. To activate the role of medical research at the faculty level and in the south of Jordan

  4. To serve the local community through health promotion programs, lectures and applied research particularly in areas of main health problems in Jordan such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and smoking. We also aim to help the local community to adopt healthy lifestyles such as health diet and regular physical activity.


Vision Of The Department:

  1. Continuing in the current programs and work on their improvement

  2. Expansion of the local community programs

  3. Collaboration with Karak Teaching hospital and Karak Health Directorate for serving the local community

  4. Selecting candidates for scholarships in subspecialities not available at our department and recruiting key figures in the field.

  5. Improvement in the teaching material aiming to support our objectives and future vision.