The Pharmacology Department, in the Faculty of Medicine, was established in 2001 to provide medical students with basic and clinical concepts on drugs used in treatment of various diseases. The Department of Pharmacology offers several undergraduate courses in pharmacology. Currently, the teaching staff members in the department are five: there are two professors, one associate professor, and two assistant professors.

The Department of Pharmacology participates in the undergraduate study program of medicine by offering a general pharmacology course for the medical students. In addition, the staff members in the department participate in teaching pharmacology part of various systems modules during the second and third year of the program in the faculty of Medicine.

The faculty members in the Department conduct research work in various areas related to pharmacology. The research includes, pharmacovigilance, adverse drug reactions, treatment of genetic diseases, cancer pharmacology, neuropharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology and clinical trials.

Chairman of Pharmacology Department

 Dr. Yousif Al–Saraira​