General Objectives:

1. Knowledge:

1. To acquire the essential knowledge in normal and abnormal pregnancy, labour, delivery and postpartum care.
2. To acquire the basic knowledge on common gynecological diseases.
3. To be familiar with the different methods of birth control and their applications.
4. To acquire the essential information needed for doctors regarding the religious and legal aspects in the management of pregnancy, abortion, delivery and birth control.

2. Skills:

1. To acquire the skills of communication with the patients
2. To have the skills for conducting an antenatal care and recognizing the high risk cases.
3. To gain the essential skills needed to run an out-patient clinic in gynecology at a primary health care center.
4. To gain the skills for conducting normal vaginal delivery and recognizing the complications that could arise during labor and delivery.
5. To master the first aids in obstetric and gynecological emergencies.
6. To be able to evaluate the results of all the investigations needed, including ultrasonography.

3. Attitude And Communication Skills:

1. To be able to work as a team with other health personals at a different health levels.
2. To have integrity, honesty and good behaviors with patients and colleagues.
3. To gain honesty, sympathy and respect to his patients.​