1.To present a concise but comprehensive knowledge on how the various organs, tissues and cells come together to form the functional and morphological human body. A general introduction on human development is mandatory followed by integration of Anatomical knowledge with other Basic Medical Sciences in a multidisciplinary system-based modular system. These, in addition to other disciplines, would form the foundations for human biological studies in health and disease i.e. "biological basis of medicine ".

2. To provide anatomical lab skills on cadavers, models, cross sections, radiological & MRI images as well as microscopic histological specimens.

3. To enhance communication skills through student-presented seminars.
Research: to carry out community-oriented research, especially regarding the effects of local environmental pollutants on the body, tissue, cell and molecule level, utilizing the available lab resources of histopathology, immunofluorescence, cell culture, and image analysis.

Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes

  1. Knowledge:

1 - To acquire the knowledge about structures of the human body.

To know the names and main features of bones, joints, muscles and their relations in the human body.

2- To be able to identify the main anatomical features of the human viscera and central nervous system.

3- Give the student an accurate description of principles of embryology and fetal development.

4- Give the student an accurate, up to – date description of the microscopic structure in relation to functions of cells ,tissues and organs of human body.

2.     Skills :

  1. Acquire the skills of physical examination of different parts of human body and to read some x rays and CT pictures
  2. Be able to use properly the light microscope to examine tissues
  3. Be able to read and write reports on both light and electron microscopic photomicrographs.
  4. To use the obtained basic data in order to understand the principals of various diseases.
  5. Use the advanced equipment to perform researches by the staff members

1. Gross anatomy lab
2. Histology lab
3. Clinical-skills lab
4. Plastination center

Head of  anatomy and histology department
Prof Youssef Hussein Abdelatty Ali